Live Music At Kingsbury

Liz at Kingsbury

In an effort to support local talent we host live music on the 3rd Sunday of each month – watch this award winning video to see why it’s such a great event.

The next live music Sunday is 21st October is featuring

Doors open: 2pm
Music: 3-5 pm
Entry fee: gold coin

There will be a meal special for each show (including Gluten Free and Vegetarian options) with drinks available at the bar.

All ages are welcome in our club so feel free to bring the little ones.


Sunday, 21st October Very Handsome Men (Pay for the PA Gig)

Sunday 19th October Craig Horne and Hornets (Daddy Cool book release Gig)

There will be no music day in December


2018september : Rosie Burgess and Sam.




View our events calendar here.

4 thoughts on “Live Music At Kingsbury

  1. Hi, i caught the end of yesterday’s performance.

    Just wondering how i can find out who is performing in future. Only shows up to March above.



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