Welcome to Kingsbury bowls club

Kingsbury Bowls Club

Welcome to the Kingsbury Bowls Club. We are a very friendly lawn bowling club located in Kingsbury at the Arch Gibson Reserve. Our club has been in operation since 1978 and everyone is welcome.

When the club was formed the average age of its members was in the 40s. That average now stands in the 70s but the club is actively pursuing younger members with some success. The club’s colours and logo owe themselves to Bruce Kingsbury, after whom the area is named. The Victoria Cross winner was a resident of Preston West and the club wear blue and gold to honour his battalion, the 2nd 14th. The club’s emblem also features a Victoria Cross, and was designed by a local student after a competition run by the club. A bronze statue of Kingsbury, one of only three, was presented by the 2nd 14th battalion to Kingsbury Bowls Club and is a symbol of the club’s link to the war hero.

The Kingsbury Bowls Club provides a comfortable atmosphere with visitors treated liked friends. Kingsbury Bowls Club is also a relaxed place to be with your family, friends and colleagues for any function depending on your individual needs.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Kingsbury bowls club

  1. Just a brief note that my Father Tom Harrison passed away peacefully last night after almost 2 years in a nursing home. He had altzheimers disease. Tom was a former club champion.
    We are currently organizing funeral arrangements.
    Regards Jeff Harrison


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